flexible, efficient & innovative

In other words: pushing the limits for maximum performance - every day and for every customer. That’s what makes cei an award-winning, market-leading flexible packaging and technical products company. We think outside the box to provide you the best products, best services, and best solutions. That’s our philosophy. Not just our packaging.

flexible packaging

packagingOptimal quality rollstock, pre-made pouches and bags with various substrates and convenience features; ideal for pet food, cheese, wipes, condiments, dry mixes, and more.

woven poly bags

woven poly bagscei’s domestically manufactured bags provide the shortest lead times and highest quality with superior strength, weather resistance, and shelf appeal. These bags are available with a wide variety of closures, including cei’s exclusive pinch heat seal option.

technical products

technical productsCost-effective industrial applications, including copy paper, envelopes, personal care, insulation, and release liner in an extensive variety of weights, sizes, and substrates.



cei understands the importance of sustainability and is committed to incorporating environmentally friendly business practices throughout its operations - from recyclable products to the use of water based inks and renewable energy in our manufacturing processes.


Innovation has been at the forefront of cei’s rapid, organic growth. cei specializes in developing innovative solutions that meet customers’ unique business needs. Experienced personnel continually work on developing new product and process enhancements.

cei offers flexible packaging for food packaging & specialty packaging needs. 

cei has flexible packaging experience with pet food & treats

cei is a proven performer in manufacturing technical products.